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The publication Ambient Information Systems elucidates the work of Manu Luksch, Mukul Patel and collaborators as part of the wave of critical art that has emerged alongside the rise of digital networks. Available from Amazon


Premiered under the title The Order at the Centre Pompidou, Les cinemas, Paris (April 16th, 09), this piece has been re-worked and newly released this October.

The Spy School

Each exercise scrutinises the public - private borderline of post-9/11 daily life in a climate where the ethic of surveillance is in the ascendancy and the development of its technologies in overdrive.

Limitations Permitted

handheld 3D cinema about the hyper-regulation of public space by Manu Luksch

Love, Piracy, and the Office of Religious Weblog Expansion

book available at Amazon Live art installation and collaborative reading project, based on a text about censorship in Iran... [VIDEO mp4]

Who Owns The Weather

An investigation into the human desire to control weather events

Function Creep

tactical fiction project. coming soon!

Kayak Libre

18-19 FEB 2012: Taking the Waters SUFFOLK. Canal trips by kayak taxi. The fare is a conversation...