exercise #1
Raiding the spectrum, The Spy School gathers information, throws it in to the mix, and sends it back out through the airwaves. Radio-talk, phone-talk, cctv, your whispered conversations and surreptitious glances, captured, reconfigured, rebroadcast. You'll hear yourself echoed on the soundtrack, find that you're dancing to your own projected image - you may arrive at the party to find you're already there. The Spy School infiltrates scenes with its human avatar, wired for sound and image and feeding the DJ and VJ with angles on the party-goers. And there's a performer on the floor, ranging through moves and masks - but no one's quite sure who's watching who.


20 Nov 2002: At the occasion of VideZone, the first video art biennale in Israel, The Spy School traveled to Tel Aviv to intervene at the opening night at the Digital Art Lab .

The Spy School exercise # 1- a party intervention piece by ambientTV.NET with Manu Luksch, Mukul Patel, Michael Uwemedimo, Gavin Starks and support by Jaromil [dyne.org].

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