Ambient Information Systems (AIS) is delighted to announce the launch of its September 11 collection, celebrating the Total Information Awareness (TIA) logo of the US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The TIA logo was discontinued recently, and this potent symbol of security and freedom would have been lost to history were it not for its timely appropriation by AIS.
TIA is a program of DARPA's Information Awareness Office (IAO), its mission to integrate "innovative information technologies for detecting and pre-empting foreign terrorist activities against Americans." The original logo has been discontinued because it had "become a lightning rod" and was "needlessly diverting
  The Ambient Information Systems T-Shirt features the original TIA logo, slightly modified. Notably, the eye is refocused and the motto “Scienta est potentia” – Knowledge is power – is replaced by “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes” – WHO IS WATCHING THE WATCHMEN?
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time and attention from critical tasks." The Total Information Awareness program has now been renamed Terrorism Information Awareness Systems. DARPA runs numerous other research programs, including FutureMAP (the now discontinued futures market where traders would have been invited to gamble on political events)
The original TIA logo is described in the Total Information Awareness FAQ : "the eye scans the globe for evidence of terrorist planning and is focused on the part of the world that was the source of the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon."