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blue-sky blueprint / Architekturbüro LichtPause

A major step towards an open society lies in rethinking public spaces as spaces in flow, open to improvised use and dynamic processes – as learning environments, for young and old. (Manu Luksch, in: Neither Shoreditch nor Manhattan. Black Country creative advantage. p 108 Edited by Monika Vykoukal. Published by Multistory, 2011)


blue-sky blueprint / Architekturbüro LichtPause is looking at the potential of 'the local street' and urban space as learning environment. The project explores how children experience the street, and how they appropriate space for purpose of play. During workshops, children created paper models of their imagination of an improved built environment. The paper models were rendered as CAD models and integrated in a 3D architectural view of the 'kids' masterplan' for West Bromwich (UK) and Steiermark (Austria).

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still of Architekturbüro LichtPause, Styria (AT 2010)

still of blue-sky blueprint, West Bromwich (UK 2010/11)

concept & realisation: Manu Luksch
3D modelling (towns): Matt Haycocks

3D modelling (kids' modells) and animation: Gerard Ralló / GOOD ONE
workshops (Austria) with assistance of Nikola Winkler
/ raumschule
soundtrack: hybernation
with many thanks to all participating children and local hosts!

Diese Arbeit wurde im Rahmen des von der Diagonale und dem Institut für Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Steiermark konzipierten Projekts AUF DIE PLÄTZE, FERTIG – FILM! 13 x Projektionen in aller Öffentlichkeit. im Herbst 2010 für den öffentlichen Raum erstproduziert und mit Mitteln von Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Steiermark finanziert.




In West Bromwich, this project is supported by the Black County Creative Advantage, a two-year initiative, which brings together activists, researchers, architects, artists, designers, and planners to investigate through collective reflection and action how arts practices can relate to or impact upon regeneration projects to support a more democratic involvement of local people in culture, public planning and developments where they live. A partnership between the Centre for Art, Design, Research and Experimentation [CADRE] at the University of Wolverhampton, and Multistory.