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project documentation

Limitations Permitted: 3d Video Viewer 23cm x 12cm x 29cm, stereoscopic 3d Video (23 min). Edition of 3. 


Stills of 3D video 'Limitations Permitted'. 2009. Manu Luksch


3D video still of sequence 'London Regional Transport Railways Byelaws. Made under section 67 of the Transport Act 1962 as amended by section 37 of the Transport Act 1981 and paragraph 2 of Schedule 4 to London Regional Transport Act 1984 by London Regional Transport. 1. Queueing. Conduct and Behaviour'



3D video still of sequence 'Counter-Terrorism Act 2008. Offences relating to information about members of armed forces etc 76 (1)'



3D video still of sequence 'London Borough of Southwark . BYELAWS FOR GOOD RULE AND GOVERNMENT. PLAY AREAS, GAMES AND SPORTS  15. (1) Children’s play areas'



  Video documentary of Limitations Permitted (Luksch / White) during its first installation in public space; Peckham Square, London. film by Felix Gonzales. You And I Skills Production 2009

Set up of Neal's kiosk on Peckham Square. video documentation by Felix Gonzales