calendar 2018

festival participations & events by ambientTV.NET members, and open access activities at ambient space

08. - 08.Mar.18 MEXICO CITY: Ultracinema
Screening of DREAMS REWIRED at Ultracinema / La Casa del Cine Mx
03.Apr.17 - 31.Mar.18 LONDON: Hybrid Landscapes at Digital Catapult
CODE / CITY is an app-augmented video installation by Manu Luksch about the nexus of Big Data, Smart Cities and the cognitive Internet of Things concepts that drive urban development. Shot in the United Arab Emirates, which is investing heavily in smart technologies, the installation presents the cognitive city as a narrative partner in our collective life with its own beliefs, judgements and preferences. hybrid landscapes is an exhibition of recent work by elev pioneering artists whose projects use, respond to and subvert digital technologies in surprising and unexpected ways. As lived experience plays out simultaneously across natural, built and networked worlds, new perceptions and perspectives are created. Produced and curated by Data as Culture at the Open Data Institute in partnership with Digital Catapult   DIGITAL CATAPULT, London 3 April 2017 - 31 March 2018  Katriona Beales, Daniel Brown, Lewis Bush, Field, Felicity Hammond, Manu Luksch, Antonio Roberts, Thomson&Craighead, Suzanne Treister, Richard Wright 
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