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  Predictive City ABC
A jargon buster to scrutinise the terminology of and harness the debate about Smart City technologies
  Kayak Libre
Explore the desires for possible futures of mobility as online snapshots of conversations. Geo-website and intervention in public space, KAYAK LIBRE was awarded the Marianne von Willemer Prize for Digital Art.
A|R|C invites international artists for month-long collaborative residencies at studios {London]. Currently artist-in-residency, Makiko Yamamoto, will give a talk this Sunday, 12th Oct 2014, 5pm...
27.Sep.13 LONDON: Friday Lunchtime Lecture at ODI
Friday lunchtime lectures (1 - 1:45 pm) are for everyone and free to attend. Manu Luksch willl present her artistic research project, FACELESS: Chasing the Data Shadow. Pioneering the notion of the 'legal ready mades', the sci-fi fairy tale FACELESS was entirely produced through activation of data protection legislation. The film interrogates the laws that govern the video surveillance of society, and in both its mode of coming into being and its plot, critiques such a surveilled society.
30.Jun.13 LONDON: Kayak Libre, White House
Kayak Libre 3 with Rachel Hill
Alternative forms of education and knowledge exchange - a kayak lesson in exchange for a conversation.
Free Cooper Union UK (FCUUK) invites you to Public Assembly, a one-day free school celebrating alternative forms of knowledge and creative expression in art and technology.
There will be a full day of architectural installations, live demonstrations, kayak lessons, canal boat lectures, cinema screenings, talks and performances, accompanied by photo booth, DIY publications etc…
The event will pay tribute to New York City's last free university - the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Art and Science, whose Board of Trustees voted to end its 154-year tradition of giving full scholarships to all admitted students.
10. - 17.Aug.13 WOLKERSDORF: Fotowochen
Kreis-Verkehr Das Ende der Mobilität? - a programme produced by FLUSS, including a workshop by Manu Luksch: 'Make Your Own Future', and Johann Lurf at Schloss Wolkersdorf
26. - 28.Oct.12 PARIS: Mal au Pixel Festival
saturday, 27th Oct: CCTV workshop p I. with Benjamin Gaulon, Manu Luksch, Mediengruppe Bitnik
sunday, 28th Oct: CCTV workshop p II.
17:30 screening of the film FACELESS by Manu Luksch (with French subtitles)
venue: la Gaité Lyrique
21. - 21.Jan.12 LONDON: Victoria and Albert Museum: Digital Design Drop In
Digital Studio, Sackler Centre 13:00 - 16:00 Drop-in afternoon to meet & talk with artist Manu Luksch about her recent work, and artistic practice ...
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FIELDS , Latvian National Museum of the Arts / Arsenal, May 2014.


Birmingham: residency, workshops and festival participation


During the AiR SEARCH ENGINE, Grand Union serves as place of arrival and departure, a laboratory and display space. The artist duo Manu Luksch & Mukul Patel were invited to bring KAYAK LIBRE to Digbeth, and to develop its online application. Throughout their residency, the project space will host an exhibition of the material and documentation produced through KAYAK LIBRE in East London, a public talk, a series of workshops and a screening programme.

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