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The Dancers' Cut

The Dancers' Cut

A birthday celebration

"This is power and grace up-close and intimate. Zoom in and revel in the detail, sweaty and sensual, as bodies and cultures collide.

See the bite-sized best bits from twenty years of Shobana Jeyasingh choreography, a creative force that has shaped so much of UK dance today. But it's not cut and paste. These fierce solos, intricate duets and passionate trios have a story to tell. It's a human story about meetings and partings, love and longing - and hatred as persistent as the monsoon rain.

This is dance on the inside. A film by Manu Luksch combined with live performance shows us the dancers' take on the work. Discover what they bring to the pieces and how in turn Jeyasingh unique style has shaped their own creative lives." (SJDC website)

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