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demo TV

is a do-it-yourself interactive multimedia channel by and for local communities. The demoTV project provides access to media production and distribution facilities and empowers people by enabling them to create independent ICT infrastructure.

demoTV is a collaborative project of ambientTV.NET and Vision Machine for details of upcoming workshops and screenings contact:

[production & participation] Production and Participation
Mobile, networkable, laptop-based video production and webcasting studios bring tools and channels for creative self-representation to the heart of excluded communities, opening spaces of encounter and exchange and reinforcing community links.

Distribution and Discourse
Programme content is accessed through ever-expanding local wireless community networks (the DIY broadband solution). Online discussion fora support the video-on-demand and live programme service, enabling producers to share their questions and concerns, their expertise and their artistry.

Exchange and Encounter
Workshops in media production and distribution enable community members to fully exploit the potential of ICT as a medium of self-expression and a tool to improve local democracy. Screenings in East London and other project regions deliver live and archived video streams to a local audience. These screenings will act as focal points for critical consideration of the programmes, and continue the thread of online discussions.