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AV DINNERS 02: Aju J's New Year Feast – In the Year of the Fire Dog

Aju J's New Year Feast – In the Year of the Fire Dog

by Manu Luksch and Mukul Patel (ambientTV.NET)

Single screen video installation (10 mins); labeled food cans [TH/A, 2006]

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A New Year's feast is prepared according to a traditional Akha recipe, appropriate for the year of the Fire Dog. Under the skillful guidance of chef Aju J., a dog is chosen, slaughtered, elaborately spiced, and sautéed in a wok. The Akha distinguish between dogs that are to be eaten, and others that are used to hunt or guard. While Westerners or urbanites might feel squeamish about killing and eating their "best friend" under any circumstances, the entire process – from the quick, clean kill, through the cleaning, to the final spicing – are carried out with a seriousness and lack of hypocrisy that is rare in industrialised food production.

  on show at TAMSS, Bangkok 2006


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Temporary Art Museum Soi Sabai 

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