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calendar 2008

festival participations & events by ambientTV.NET members, and open access activities at ambient space

18.Dec.08 - 29.Jan.09

PRISHTINA [Kosovo]: Surveillance and Discipline in Public Space

The Art Gallery of Kosovo is hosting the exhibition 'Surveillance and Discipline in Public Space'. At this occasion, the 'Cmimi Muslim Mulliqi Prize 2008' was awarded to the artist duo 'Jae Pas'. Manu Luksch participated with the film installtion 'FACELESS' and 'Manifesto for CCTV Filmmakers', translated into Albanian language. Artist presentations: 19.12.2008 11:00 am

05.Dec.08 - 12.Dec.08

NOVA GORICA [SL]: Pixxelpoint 2008

The exhibition "Pixxelpoint 2008 - For God's Sake!", put together by Domenico Quaranta, and showing at Mestna Galerija, includes Faceless by Manu Luksch.

29.Nov.08 - 29.Nov.08

LONDON: Party With Purpose

Alhambra, 33-35 Commercial Road, London E11LB.
In the past 3 years, PWP has been supporting projects working with the Akha community in Northern Thailand, giving Akha children access to education in their own language. Mukul will contribute an ambient set, there will be videos from Lao PDR by Manu. guest ist:


LONDON: Vital Regeneration Awards Ceremony

where: Cockpit Theatre, Gateforth Street, London NW88EH
guest list: tbegum[at]
The evening includes the premiere of SWITCHIN', which was created by young people (13-16 yrs) during a workshop led by Stuart Bowditch and Manu Luksch.

27.Nov.08 - 30.Nov.08

LONDON: 'Trajectory' by Maria Papadomanolaki

Libero Colimberti, Jan Hendrickse, Simone Izzi, Nitin Lachhani, Luc Messinezis, Maria Papadomanolaki, Vytis Puronas, Mark Shorey and Mark Wright.
about Trajectory:
About the piece

Trajectory is a 30 minute performance piece which explores the territories surrounding the IMT gallery. It focuses on the idea of using sound as a canvas on which the performer inscribes an itinerary of the visited areas. Phonographic sound, body – environment interaction and narrative, among other sources, construct the palette of a live transmission streamed back to the gallery space.  The performer’s exploration is also filtered and enhanced by the audience’s participation using text messages instigating her/him for example to look for sounds, talk to people or take pictures. This dialogue between the transmitter and the receiver bridges the gap between the real, physical space of the performer and the imagined/ utopian space streamed back in the gallery. The performance is completed when the wanderer enters the IMT and submits the gathered material.  

Trajectory experiments with the notion of subjective encoding/decoding in the process of transmitting/receiving an experienced space and time. Alternatively to its wide use in broadcast and radio, in trajectory the same idea is placed in a more artistic context and it is used as a tool for a modern psychogeographic investigation and live phonographic documentation of an area.



SALZBURG [AT]: FACELESS screening and lecture "Überwachung im Alltag"

ARGEkultur Salzburg is hosting a screening of FACELESS followed by a lecture by quintessenz: "Public Enemy" - Von Video bis Internet - Überwachung im Alltag;
DJ Culture and Fino & Diaz till late. where: 20:30, 21 Nov 08 at ARGEkultur Salzburg, Josef-Preis-Allee 16, A-5020 Salzburg

14.Nov.08 - 17.Jan.09

AMSTERDAM [NL]: Speaking Out Loud at the Netherlands Media Art Institute

Speaking Out Loud, curated by Susanne Jaschko, advocates a free and creative process of thinking out loud through artworks that enable a playful and surprising experience of language. Featuring works by Christoph Keller, Jaromil, Tim Etchells and Vlatka Horvat, Manu Luksch and Mukul Patel (A NEW AND EXCITING EXPERIENCE), and others.

13.Nov.08 - 16.Nov.08

MARSEILLE [FR]: FACELESS @ Rencontres Internationales Sciences & Cinémas

The Polly Maggoo Association will show FACELESS by Manu Luksch at the 3rd International Science & Film Festival.


LONDON: private view at

private view at As part of First Thursdays evening of gallery openings, presents 'Aju J's New Year Feast – In the Year of the Fire Dog'(2006) by Manu Luksch & Mukul Patel.


LONDON: Stop.Watch screenings at BFI

RSA Arts & Ecology and Animate Projects are delighted to invite you to the breakfast launch of STOP.WATCH.
New short films for the internet by artists exploring ecological emergencies:
Christine Ödlund "Atlantis";
Jordan Baseman "d is for dodo";
Phil Coy "Damage Limitation";  
Young-Hae Chang "Heavy Industries I’m Sucking on a Tailpipe in Seoul";
Elodie Pong     "it's like this.";
Manu Luksch     "Make it snow! make it snow! make it snow!";
Simon Woolham    "Severed, The Deracinater and The Isle";

where: 9.00 - 10.30, 4 Nov 08: BFI Southbank (NFT 2)
Belvedere Road, South Bank, London, SE1 8XT

01.Nov.08 - 08.Nov.08

ISTANBUL: Hors Pistes 2008

Hors Pistes, the film programme by Centre Pompidou which features films "that explore and appropriate cinematic language in new ways in order to shed light on the contemporary world", tours to Istanbul. You can catch FACELESS (AT/UK 2007) by Manu Luksch there....


LONDON: THIS IS NOT A GATEWAY: Surveilling Surveillance


What and whom is surveillance for?

Sunday 26th October, The Vortex, 3 Bradbury Street, Dalston, London N16 8JN

11.00      "SeeCTV – Watching the Watchers" – local street activism & documentation workshop
14.00      "Surveying Surveillance" Symposium
16.00      Workshop conclusion       

1 This Sunday October 26th at 2pm, Alex Haw (atmos) will be chairing a major multidisciplinary discussion between various surveillance experts interrogating the purpose and spatial significance of surveillance technologies.

 2 The Symposium will be preceded by a workshop at 11am exploring and documenting Dalston's neighbourhood surveillance

3 The overall Festival launch is this Thursday, 7pm; all welcome


Forms of surveillance are all around us, radically transforming our experiences of cities and spaces. Our attitudes to them are ambiguous and conflicted: we decry privacy intrusions but demand yet more CCTV cameras; our daily news is riddled with stories of disastrous data losses, yet dataveillance and surveillance are rapidly growing industries, increasingly explored by writers and artists, increasingly ubiquitous as forms of televisual entertainment.  

Our needs mingle with both our fears and our desires.


This symposium, convened by Alex Haw (atmos) as part of the TINAG annual conference, gathers a number of experts from the various corners of the surveillance debate to confront and discuss issues concerning the purpose, ethics, effectiveness, spatiality, and finally the fantasies and dystopias of surveillance. Juvenal's oft quoted surveillance adage 'Quis Custodes Ipsos Custodiet' will prompt another Latin question: Cui Bono? Our main question is simply – what is surveillance for? Does it promote peace and justice, or encourage fear and anxiety? Does it benefit a private or privileged elite, or serve a much wider humanity? Is it there to be obeyed, or subverted? Which is its main constituency – the people, the politician, the policeman, the artist, the street performer, the service provider or CCTV operative? Each speaker will give a brief presentation of their work and research in the field before a wider panel discussion.

Symposium starts at 2pm sharp, The Vortex, 3 Bradbury Street, Dalston N16 8JN

Peter Fry

Peter is a Chartered Civil Engineer, first introducing public area CCTV surveillance systems into the 5 towns of the Local Authority in the UK, of which he was Director of Operations. He has advised numerous Local Authorities and Police Forces on the management, operation and strategic development of their CCTV systems In 2000 he became director of the CCTV User Group, which develops standards for the operation of systems, and promulgates best practice; it's membership now approaches 500 organisation representing most of the Local Authorities and Police Forces throughout the UK, as well as universities, hospitals, retail, commercial and transport systems. <>

Nic Groombridge

Nic is a senior lecturer at St Mary's University College <> , Twickenham.  He lectures in both media arts and sociology/criminology. His particular interests are the margins of criminology.  He has published on CCTV, sexuality and criminology and car crime (the subject of his PhD) and contributed sections on sexuality, queer theory, normalisation and pathology to the Sage Dictionary of Criminology <> . He sits on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Howard Journal of Criminal Justice <;site=1>  and the British Sociological Association's newsletter, Network <> .


Alex Haw

Alex Haw is an architect and artist operating at the intersection of design, research, art and the urban environment. He runs atmos, a collaborative experimental practice which produces a range of architecture and events including private houses, installations and larger public art commissions. Much of atmos' work focuses on the role of surveillance and dataveillance in shaping space, whether illuminating Canary Wharf with real-time solar data, immersing visitors into live spatial fluctuations of the Frankfurt stock exchange, building camera frameworks for dancing to CCTV, or transforming the tracked movement of everyone within a university into light. Alex has run design studios at the Architectural Association, Cambridge University and TU Vienna. <>

Manu Luksch

Throughout her films, telematic performances and interdisciplinary works, Manu Luksch is consistently preoccupied with the effect of emerging technologies on daily life, social relations and political structures. Luksch¹s recent project, science-fiction fairy tale Faceless, uses authentic CCTV footage, which she recovered under the UK¹s Data Protection Act following her ŒManifesto for CCTV filmmakers. Luksch has exhibited her work at venues and festivals internationally, including "Hors Piste" (Centre Pompidou, Paris 2008), "Goodbye Privacy" (Ars Electronica, Linz 2007), "Connecting Worlds" (NTT ICC, Tokyo 2006), "Satellite of Love" (Witte de With, Rotterdam 2006). She served as artistic director of the Munich Media Lab from 1995 to 1997, co-founded Art Servers Unlimited in 1998, and, in 1999, founded Ambient Information Systems.

Paul Mackie

Paul Mackie is a founder member and Compliance Director of Camerawatch, the not-for-profit organisation which supports organisations to ensure that their CCTV systems are operated in compliance with the Data Protection Act. As Managing Director of Compliance Solutions and Compliance Consultant with UK leading CCTV compliance company DATpro Ltd, he helps public and private business sectors to identify and rectify non-compliance of their CCTV systems. He has over 30 years experience working with both National Government and major international blue-chip organisations, specialising in compliance, management and legalisation of industry software within the IT industry. <>


Mark Simpkins
Mark Simpkins is an online activist and artist, who is the co-founder of geeKyoto ( <> ) and also the founder of 'This Is Our Algorithm'. He has worked on civic software projects such as <> which started the craze to make government documents open and annotatable. He also worked with some other <> volunteers to build both <>

and <> for the 2005 UK General Elections. He runs a small consultancy, NodalResearch, on the use of online tools for social and civic software solutions and has been technical consultant for the Design Against Crime Research Centre based at Central St. Martins in London. He is also a Senior Technical Project Manager at the BBC and blogs intermittently at




The "Surveying Surveillance" symposium will be accompanied by a workshop led by Alex Haw (atmos) & Manu Luksch (ambientTV) involving local collective CCTV activism and research, as attendees not only scour the local streets for the presence of local CCTV, but also attempt to physically confront, wherever possible, the invisible watchmen behind the lenses, to image their control rooms, and to document the ensuing conversation.


The aim of the workshop will be to document the social and spatial defence of CCTV networks, to verify the relative legality of existing systems, and to compile information on the ways CCTV owners and operatives articulate and defend their behaviour. The documentation will seek evidence on the slippage between legality and operation, and the blurriness of CCTV practice.


Participants are asked to bring as many video and sound-recording documentation devices as possible.

Places are limited; please pre-register via email to

Workshop starts at 11am sharp, The Vortex, 3 Bradbury Street, Dalston N16 8JN





Festival Launch, all welcome: 7pm Thursday 23rd October, Cafe Oto

The launch is free and open to all - a chance to meet other participants & festival-goers, hear some music (open music archive and dubmode) and see some of the exhibitions in the festival. Space is limited; please register:


This Is Not A Gateway Festival is a free three-day event in Dalston, London that is forging new ways of investigating cities. Emerging European practitioners from the fields of film, photography, literature, critical theory, performance, architecture and planning come together to reveal knowledge about cities 'from the ground up'. The three-day festival comprises over 40 separate events including discussions, film screenings, workshops, symposiums, exhibitions and walks. The programme includes work from 96 compelling emerging urbanists from across Europe. All events are open to the public.


The overall festival programme can be downloaded as a pdf at

The general Festival will be centred around Cafe Oto <>  , 18 - 22 Ashwin street, Dalston, London E8 3DL,

Thursday 23rd - Sunday 26th October 2008 : <>

This Is Not A Gateway {TINAG} was founded to address four urgent concerns: the need for accessible arenas for emerging practioners across Europe, who work in and on cities; the need for the development of new forms of urban citizenship; the desire for interdisciplinary and cross-cultural exchange; and the need to gather together, in a self-organised, informal and fruitful context.

TINAG creates platforms for academics, activists, human rights canvassers, artists, politicians, writers, musicians, architects and more, whose point of departure is the city. TINAG is interested in building platforms for those outside of established circuits including illegal immigrants, travelers and people living in cities of past or continuing conflict. There is no doubt the most compelling new ideas and knowledge on cities is here.


Deepa Naik and Trenton Oldfield : This Is Not A Gateway
Tel: + 44 (0)7791 950 604 <>




LONDON: The Beautiful Children artist-in-residence, Shiho Fukuhara, presents her work at
The Beautiful Children, an exhibition curated by Joakim Borda and Colm Lally. The event is part of The Wharf Road Project organised by V22.

E:vent presents The Beautiful Children, a group exhibition of drawings; a banquet inside the belly of an Iguanodon; and a chilling return to The Night of the Hunter, with opening night performances by Cyril Lepetit; Foreign Investment; and Fergal and George Brennan.
Maurizio Anzeri (IT) / The Centre of Attention (UK) / Fergal and George Brennan (IE) / Bernard Debaillie (BE) / E:vent (UK) / Kino Fist (UK) / ambientTV.NET with Shiho Fukuhara (UK/JP) / Foreign Investment (UK) / Chad Horn (US) / Eric Length (SE) / Cyril Lepetit (FR) / EvaMarie Lindahl (SE) / Julie Nord (DK) / /seconds (UK) / Matteo Rosa (IT) / Liam Scully and Vanessa Scully (UK) / Iv Toshain (AT)

The Beautiful Children exhibition is part of The Wharf Road Project organised by V22.
The Wharf Road Project brings more than 20 innovative contemporary art initiatives together for the first time in a central location, creating a seminal showcase for the more unusual and innovative. The Wharf Road Project is not an art fair, but a large-scale exhibition featuring the best of London’s specialist and experimental art spaces, complemented by a programme of performances, screenings, music and guided tours.

Participanting galleries, projects and curators include: The David Roberts Art Foundation; Martin Creed for V22; Martin Westwood for V22; Carter Presents; David Risley; E:vent; The Hex; Parade; Seventeen; Stedefreund, Berlin; Supplement; Collecting Live Art; Everyday press; Fieldgate; igloo; Linda Persson and Natasha Rees; PILOT; Poignancy passing Muster; TOM ROWLAND FINE ART; Truck Art; MOT Presents: THE NEW DOME; Fergal Stapleton, courtesy Carl Freedman; Laura White invites Alison Wilding, Bettina Buck and Phyllida Barlow; Peter Jones, courtesy of Pizza Horse and the Fat Sisters; Frog Morris with Lee Campbell; Matt Williams; Dallas Seitz, Lisa Penny & Trevor Hall.


17.Oct.08 - 22.Oct.08


dokumentART, festival of innovative documentary film, will show FACELESS, a film by Manu Luksch.


GHENT [BE]: Almost Cinema

presentation by Manu Luksch at conference 'Mutating Media' (15:00 - 15:45)

03.Oct.08 - 08.Oct.08

MELBOURNE [AU]: Urban Screens Melbourne 08

Make it snow! Make it snow! Make it snow!, Manu Luksch's meditation on the manipulation of winter landscapes, is scheduled for screening at USM 08.
 Urban Screens Melbourne 08 is an international conference and multimedia exhibition, taking place at Federation Square, Melbourne. The conference, Mobile Publics, will be exploring the changing relations between urban screens, culture and cities. Detailed programme at link below.


LONDON: private view at

LONDON: private view at
As part of First Thursdays evening of gallery openings, invites to the private view of PHONEME by Mukul.

18.Sep.08 - 28.Sep.08

CAMBRIDGE [UK]: 28th Cambridge Film Festival

This year's festival will show two films by Manu Luksch: Faceless (AT/UK 2007) and Make it snow! Make it snow! Make it snow! (as part of the Stop.Watch programme)

15.Sep.08 - 31.Oct.08

SEATTLE [USA]: Don't You #$&ing Look At Me! Surveillance in the 21st Century

Don’t You #$&ing Look At Me! Surveillance in the 21st Century is an exhibit of works exploring surveillance, featuring artists Gary Hill, Manu Luksch, and James Coupe. where: 911 Seattle Media Arts Center, 402 9th Ave N (at Harrison), Seattle, WA 98109

12.Sep.08 - 13.Sep.08


The 20min programme Kodawari Life Europe features Manu Luksch as CCTV Artist. directed by Ken Barnes.
BSHI 12 Sept, 9:30 pm
BS1 13 Sept, 6:10 pm


LONDON: Diamonds and Clover Leaves

FIRST THURSDAYS programme at photography by Manu Luksch


LONDON: private view at

As part of First Thursdays evening of gallery openings, invites to the private view of A NEW AND EXCITING EXPERIENCE.


LONDON: ambient.publishing at the self-publishing fair PUBLISH AND BE DAMNED

Sunday 3rd August, 12 - 6pm
Rochelle School
Arnold Circus
London E2 7ES
 If you can't make it to the fair you can browse and
buy online at



MUMBAI [IN]: The Spectral Children @ CAMP

From the Category Video Art: Part II, On the excess of images, and of access to images.

"On the excess of images, and of access to images" (screening and discussion) is looking at several artist's works based on security imaging or CCTV. Includes works by Francis Alys, Shaina Anand, Harun Farocki a.o.
Location: Ketnav Preview Theater
17, Union Park, Khar
In the lane of Out of the Blue restaurant,
Uphill from Carter Road Coffee Day, Bandra

26.Jul.08 - 20.Sep.08

EXETER [UK] Summer Screen: Stop.Watch.

Summer Screen: International artists film programme shows Stop.Watch., a new short films by artists that address ecological emergencies. Animate Projects and RSA Arts & Ecology, in partnership with Arts Council England, have commissioned seven artists to make short films for the internet that explore ecological themes.



As part of the "PARANOID DANCE" programme (session 5) by the touring 5th Bangkok Experimental Film Festival, FACELESS will be screened at Media Arts & Design (CMU) from 19:00 - 20:35.


CHIANG MAI [TH]: In the Year of the Fire Dog

As part of the "Nature’s  Recipe" programme (session 1) by the touring 5th Bangkok Experimental Film Festival, "In the Year of The Fire Dog" by Manu Luksch & Mukul Patel will be screened at the CMU Art Museum (1-4pm).


BEIJING [PRC]: Finale of China International Youth Arts Festival

The Closing Event, organised by 51SIM, takes place in the Great Hall of The People and - besides 'Make it snow' by Manu Luksch - features Qi Qin, Li Yugang, Made of Sound a. o.


LONDON: performance by Fahim Amir (

Artist-in-residence of the programme, Fahim Amir (Vienna / AT)  stages his new performance piece at the Austrian Cultural Forum London


LONDON: Open Studio at participates in First Thursdays. for programme details, watch this space!


LONDON: screening of FACELESS

As part of LIFT and the Resonance FM Film Night, FACELESS will be screened at Southbank.


LONDON: SpeedDataRadio at LIFT

where: LIFT Parliament, Southbank Centre Square, London
when: Tuesday 1 July 2008, from 6-7pm.

The multiple round-table discussion event will have a live audience and be broadcast live on Resonance FM, London’s art radio station: The broad subject for discussion will be surveillance, the art of seeing and the art of being seen. curated by Cecilia Wee and ResonanceFM

13.Jun.08 - 14.Jun.08

DORTMUND [D]: Faceless screening at PHOENIX Halle Dortmund

Filmavantgarde und aktuelle Videos aus Österreich
PHOENIX Halle Dortmund zeigt Filme von Peter Kubelka, Valie EXPORT, Mara Mattuschka, Dietmar Brehm, Gustav Deutsch, Lisl Ponger u.a.

11.Jun.08 - 14.Jun.08

Phitsanulok [TH]: FACELESS

As part of the programme of The 5th Bangkok Experimental Film Festival, FACELESS will be screened at the Naresuan University.

07.Jun.08 - 08.Jun.08


As part of the programme of BEFF5, FACELESS will be screened at the Bo{ok}hemian Arthouse.


LONDON: Tuomas Toivonen at E:VENT Gallery

Tuomas Toivonen: WORDS, CHASED BY SOUNDS- the second in a series of encounters with artists in residence at Presentation, sound performance and drinks at E:ventGallery 96 Teesdale Street, London E2 6PU Friday June 6th, 19:30.



OPEN STUDIO with artist in residence Tuomas Toivonen at, Regent Studios Unit 76, 8 Andrews Road, E8 4QN "First Thursday" June 5th, 17.00-22.00pm


ISTANBUL: Urban Jealousy- the 1st International Roaming Biennial of Tehran

1st station: Istanbul, 30th May - 6th July 2008
Manu Luksch shows photographic works 'Stand up to close scrutiny'.
Venues: Hafriyat Karakoy Openning : 30th of May 18.00 - 21.00
Exhibition 30th May - 6th July Weekdays : 12.00 - 19.00
Closed on Mondays ,Tuesdays Necatibey Cad. No:79 Karaköy Istanbul

Dogzstar GalatasarayBiennial Tehran Special Video Program: 30th May -
6th JulyWeekdays: 19:00 - 04:00 Closed on Sundays

Gozel Party : 30 May Friday 23.30 - 04.00
* Gudubik Dub Sistim
* Dj Biennial Vj 2010 & Nicolas Wiese
* Ventochild* DVJ MyTube YouSpace
* Dj Katakulli
Kartal sokak no:3 kat.3 Galatasaray Istanbul



WELS [AT]: FACELESS screening

Am 29. Mai und 1. Juni spielt FACELESS im MKH, Pollheimerstr. 17, Wels.



As part of the 'RECODED-Landscapes and Politics of New Media' exhibition, FACELESS by Manu Luksch will be screened at Peacock Visual Arts, 21 Castle Street, Aberdeen, followed by a screening of How Little We Know of Our Neighbours by Rebecca Baron.

02.May.08 - 16.May.08


FACELESS Premiere: 2. Mai- 16. Mai 19.30, Matinée: Sonntag, 4. Mai 12;30. Diskussion 13.30

24.Apr.08 - 31.May.08


Manu Luksch will produce new print works for this group show (Alexander Egger, Skuta Helgason, Anna Jermolaewa, Caleb Larsen, Manu Luksch, MediaShed, Trevor Paglen, plan b, RYbN, Jens Strandberg).
6:00-8:00 - Open reception at the Peacock Gallery
For conference programme, visit the link below.

04.Apr.08 - 01.Jun.08

MANCHESTER [UK] Asia Triennale Manchester 08

Mukul plays the opening party for the Asia Triennale Manchester 08, a new international festival featuring visual artists from Mainland China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. Bring ears.

Asia Triennial Manchester (ATM08) opens 4 April, 5 April (public) and runs till 1 June 2008 in Manchester. Initiated and led by Shisha, in partnership with Castlefield Gallery, Chinese Arts Centre, Cornerhouse, The International 3, Manchester Art Gallery and Manchester Metropolitan University.

Opening party at the Cornerhouse, 21.00–00.00.


CRETEIL [FR]: screening of FACELESS at EXIT festival

03.Apr.08 - 31.Aug.08

ÖSTERSUND [SE]: "Teleport Färgfabriken" exhibition showing FACELESS

The opening exhibition of Färgfabriken Norr, the new contemporary art space in Östersund, Sweden, features works by over 80 artists including Carsten Höller, David Lynch, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Carsten Nicolai and Manu Luksch

31.Mar.08 - 02.Apr.08

ZÜRICH [CH]: screening of FACELESS at Xenix-Kino


PARIS [FR]: screening of FACELESS at Centre Pompidou

Please come to the opening of Hors Pistes festival on 28 March, 20:30, cinema 1, centre Pomipdou. screening of FACELESS: 30 March, 14:00. Round table: 17:00, Petite Salle, centre Pompidou.


PARIS [FR]: conference about art and surveillance of public spaces at La Sorbonne

A quoi œuvre l’art dans l’espace public ?

A partir du 25 janvier 2008, le cycle de rencontres-débats art [espace] public va réunir à la Sorbonne plus de quarante intervenants : artistes œuvrant dans l’espace public, acteurs de l’urbain, historiens, critiques d’art, géographes, philosophes, étudiants et professionnels en architecture, en urbanisme, en médiation culturelle...

Dix rencontres-débats, la projection d’un film inédit, un colloque franco-italien et quelques expériences originales, pour tenter de comprendre notamment comment, à l’heure où l’espace public apparaît de moins en plus public, menacé par l’uniformisation et des formes de dégradation symbolique, des artistes tentent de réactiver sa dimension publique, sensible, poétique ou politique.

Il sera question de lieux : villes, rues, places, banlieues, campagnes, friches, murs, univers virtuels... ; de gens : plasticiens, circassiens, comédiens, écrivains, flâneurs, spectateurs, observateurs, militants, ruraux et urbains... ; d’actions : marcher, sonner, infiltrer, exposer, jouer, déjouer, afficher, pirater, protester, détourner, troubler...

(...) Alors que se multiplient les dispositifs de surveillance, sans toujours que les citoyens ne s’en émeuvent, la dernière rencontre-débat du cycle (10) sera consacrée à la manière dont les artistes s’approprient les technologies de contrôle des lieux et des personnes et contribuent au développement d’un espace critique. Le cycle se clôturera par la projection de FACELESS, film de Manu Luksch réalisé à partir d’extraits de caméras de vidéosurveillance.

Ce cycle est proposé par le Master Projets Culturels dans l’Espace Public, université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, en partenariat avec HorsLesMurs et avec le soutien du Ministère de la Culture, chaque vendredi soir, du 25 janvier au 28 mars 2008, à la Sorbonne (17, rue de la Sorbonne, 5ème arrondissement). L’entrée est libre sur inscription.


PARIS [FR]: Galerie Motte et Rouart shows FACELESS

The group exhibition GOOD MORNING PARANOIA at Galerie Motte et Rouart includes  CCTV sci-fi FACELESS by Manu Luksch. 72, rue Mazarine 75006 Paris


PRAGUE: screening of FACELESS at tranzit festival

25.Mar.08 - 31.Mar.08

BANGKOK [TH]: 5th Bangkok Experimental Film Festival

screening of Aju J's New Year Feast – In the Year of the Fire Dog at BEFF 5


LONDON: Manu Luksch gives presentation about ambientTV.NET at Goldsmiths



ESSEX [UK]: screening of FACELESS

FACELESS @ The Thameside Theatre. Tickets £ 3.00


LONDON: ‘On the Margins of Technology’ Public Symposium

A day of discussion and debate around the issues of Older people and technology.


LONDON: 'Connect' Associates Night at Sadlers Wells

Sadler’s Wells Associates Night draws together some of their Residents and Associates as well as some guest visiting companies for a showcase of high quality dance.

Highlights include contributions from Jonzi D Productions, Rambert Dance Company, Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures who present work created with London secondary schools, an excerpt from Choice by Russell Maliphant performed by Ballet Central, a special commission by Jasmin Vardimon Dance Company for students from the Centre of Advanced Training at The Place, a collaboration between Wayne McGregor | Random Dance and the Rambert School and a musical contribution from Opera North.

28.Feb.08 - 19.Mar.08

LONDON: New Wheeldon for the Royal Ballet

World premiere of a new work by Christopher Wheeldon for The Royal Ballet opens a mixed programme at the Royal Opera House. The Wheeldon is set to the music of Bach, Steve Reich (Electric Counterpoint), additional sound and dancer's voices designed by Mukul, and a complex multi-screen film work by The Ballet Boyz.

New Wheeldon / Afternoon of a Faun / Tzigane / A Month in the Country
at the Royal Opera House, London.
Chris's visionary new work features the principals of the Royal Ballet.




FIRENZE [IT}: ATLAS OF THE FUTURE: visions of the scenarios to come

What are the key thoughts of reflection about tomorrow? Atlas of the Future offers us likely visual trajectories that project our day into forthcoming scenarios and patterns. The exhibit is an annotation of moving images which address key themes in social development and in our world studied through video clips and documentaries, the latter hailing from the archives of Festival dei Popoli. From Mexico to India, from the United States to Nigeria, from Israel to China, from Italy to the Congo to Russia, the works tell stories and utopias, imagine worlds and offer speculations for life in the future. A programme by Centre for Contemporary Culture Strozzina.


FIRENZE [IT]: FACELESS screening at Centro di cultura contemporanea a palazzo strozzi

Centro di cultura contemporanea a palazzo strozzi Firenze: ATLAS OF THE FUTURE: What are the key thoughts of reflection about tomorrow? Atlas of the Future offers us likely visual trajectories that project our day into forthcoming scenarios and patterns. The exhibit is an annotation of moving images which address key themes in social development and in our world studied through video clips and documentaries, the latter hailing from the archives of Festival dei Popoli. From Mexico to India, from the United States to Nigeria, from Israel to China, from Italy to the Congo to Russia, the works tell stories and utopias, imagine worlds and offer speculations for life in the future.


LONDON: workshop Developing projects with communities

The Not Quite Yet Workshops
Session 1:  Developing projects with communities
Thursday 7th February 2008,11am - 4pm
Why develop projects with communities? What do communities get from working with artists?
Hosted by Loraine Leeson (Art for Change, cSPACE) and Mukul Patel (

check the Not Quite Yet website for full programme and booking.
All workshops will be held at:
SPACE, 129 - 131 Mare St
Hackney, London E8 3RH


BERLIN [D]: transmediale08: FACELESS: opportunistic infections of the surveillance apparatus

Manu Luksch introduces the idea of the Manifesto for CCTV Filmmakers and other artistic subversive activity surrounding CCTV at Bilderberg Salon, a forum for presenting and discussing artistic strategy.

25.Jan.08 - 02.Mar.08


An exhibition of new works by Manu Luksch & Mukul Patel, Loraine Leeson, Stacy Makishi and Lois Weaver. The artists respond to research with groups of older people in East London and ask how the UK’s 'ageing' population can engage with future design processes of Technology.

You are invited to the opening: 25th of Jan 6-8pm; SPACE Gallery, 129 - 131 Mare St, London E8.


16.Jan.08 - 19.Jan.08

GUWAHATI [Assam, India] Virtual Borders

screening of documentary film VIRTUAL BORDERS by Manu Luksch

10.Jan.08 - 23.Feb.08

MONTREAL [CA]: function fiction

'function fiction' at dazibao, centre de photographies actuelles, includes works by Rod Dickinson (UK), Michael Klier (Germany), Manu Luksch (Austria), Pavel Pavlov (Canada), David Tomas (Canada)
 This exhibition is concerned with images whose nature is first of all functional and documentary, such as scientific footage or images taken by surveillance cameras, which are then recuperated and re-used to construct fictions or fictitious worlds. The works presented explore the connection between photography (or the recorded image) and its various technological extensions, but also in the idea of diversion of the primary function of the images and their re-appropriation by artists.