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Movie Stars


Manu Luksch's 'Movie Stars' was shot at a remote beach in Thailand where Chris and Anthony trained hundreds of starfish to move in a synchronized manner. The starfish execute a formation dance reminiscent of the glamourous choreography by Berkeley Busby for Hollywood movies of the 1930s. MOVIE STARS is an unedited, unprocessed real-time documentation of a starfish performance; the film's length is dictated by the creatures' limited short-term memory for movement.

This 30sec video clip (play/download here) is silent. streaming hosted 

Idea & Realisation: Manu Luksch. Star Fish Trainers: Anthony Auerbach, Chris Helgren.

public displays:
August 2005 at the Yonge-Dundas Square video billboard, Toronto, Canada, during TRANSMEDIA:29:59
June 2004, on an electronic billboard in Ekaterinaburg, Russia ( OUT VIDEO festival).