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music for 8mm (mi-x: original track by Ivor Guest & Sarah Sarhandi)
Thanks to Ivor for the break when I really needed one, wedged in the (admittedly stunning) attic/staircase apartment at Old St. Patrick's School, penniless after bailing out of Berkeley. The piece was supposed to come out on Flying Rhino (a trance label?! - but check Ivor's other 12" on there, it's beautiful – reminiscent of FSOL at their peak). Never published, but I'm happy that some of it eventually got heard as part of the music for Russell Maliphant's Transmission. Smoke from strange resins and firecrackers wafting up through the floorboards, bass booming in the space (had to do a lot of first aid on the mix), Paul Zimmerman on the Handsonic...

maro jailo (tempo caravan dub for Maharaja)
The original track, in a sinuous seven-beat cycle, tells of cobras mating. The remix starts in 7 and then settles into a 7+7+7+4 = 25-beat structure. Smadj has a very different interpretation; you can download it here:

home (mukul's acid lullaby: original track by Karsh Kale)
Additional voice: Sarah Sarhandi
Closing track of Redesign, an album of remixes from Karsh Kale's Realize. Recorded in Sarah's flat and at ambientspace. Monitored on the fantastic Sony MDR-77s – the first time a headphone mix translated well for me.

storm (the enchanted castle: original track by Sarah Sarhandi)
Extensively reworked version of Sarah's piece for Russell Maliphant. 

laila lakhta da (the third migration mix for Rafi Hanif / Suvara)
The third three-part remix I've made – but the creator has no masterplan. The limited edition Suvara CD/LP is available through ambient.publishing. Project page.

planeta (excerpt from unreleased remix for Mumiy Troll)
Too spaced out for the Russians? Come back, Laika, all is forgiven...

bridge and tunnel (hoboken boho dub for Tanuja Desai Hidier & DJ Rekha – EXCERPT)
Released on the When We Were Twins CD that accompanies Tanuja's book, Born Confused. Read and listen at

7 sky 7 ground (9 and 6/8 mix for Drum FM – EXCERPT 1, EXCERPT 2)
Original track by Drum FM.
9 and 6/8 mix by mukul with Paul Zimmerman (tama) and Hiren Chate (tabla).
The master of all musical ceremonies that have existed and will exist – Marque Gilmore produced this track in the interactive tribalistic sessions with Check Tidiane Seck. The original, in a cycle of 7, nestles in the middle third of my mix. Hiren's a brilliant tabla player, but generally it's hard to get Indian and African percussionists to work together – because the indian classical musician is trained as a solo (as opposed to ensemble) performer. This one worked out ok, but a tabla-djembe experiment we tried was disastrous (partly also because of the massively different volumes of the drums). Upcoming release on:

instructions (car crash mix for Antifamily)
"Three remixes in one" was how the band described it – and then promptly decamped to Italy. You'd have thought that three mixes represented better value for no money than one... I just don't understand the music business. Download the original version at

tourette's is normal (excerpt) (off the record mix for Heliogabalus / Difficult Fun)
Remix from the Difficult Fun compilation DF001. One 7" single, one Vinyl Killer, one stereo mic. It would have been two discs and two Killers, but the second one wouldn't start. VWs aren't what they used to be... my dad had a Beetle with a dipstick – to measure the petrol! Now they're just fake Audis. Listen for the label boss (he can be heard grumbling) and a hot singer from a related project (she supplies the inspired name for the mix). There also exists a Vinyl Killer a remix of Chanson Risk by Asja Auf Capri from the same EP, but it's considered too dangerous to unleash.

chain music (excerpt)
for Ryuichi Sakamoto's online collaboration. The entire project is here:

2008: production of the Ballet Boyz' Greatest Hits Vol. 2, and sound for Fahim Amir's lecture performance Fahim Amir's lecture performance during his residency