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sound installations

the house (for Athina Vahla / Prised Open – INSTALLATION RECORDING)
From the dance / installation at the Master Shipwright's House in Deptford. The more time passes, the more I'm impressed by Athina's concept and vision for the piece (based on Conrad's Heart of Darkness) and her audacity (to do a very limited promenade performance in the dark, dilapidated house). Health & Safety? – and so no surprise when my powerbook died two days before the première, with an hour's worth of mixes for six spaces. (It never recovered completely). This excerpt, from the two cellar spaces, is a mix of the four channels in the space and a performance recording.

kurtz (for Athina Vahla / Prised Open)
Also for The House. This was the last part of the performance – the attic. On the night of the premiere, Athina decided that the space would work better without this music. On the second night, she realised that it worked with it. (for SSSHHHHH! Ghettoblaster Ensemble – stereo downmix)
For "Streets of Asia" at Århus Festuge, Denmark 2003. Details and score at the project page.  

england expects... (nelson not nelson) (for SSSHHHHH! Ghettoblaster Ensemble – stereo downmix)
Recording from performance in Trafalgar Square (Summer in the Square 2004). Michael Uwemedimo, shy? You laugh. But put a megaphone in his hands and whither the Regal Nigerian? where the vocal acrobat? Project page.

the silk route (china, japan, india, turkey)
Sound for public space (The British Library, ssshhhhh!) commissioned by Greenwich & Docklands Festival.  

phoneme (speak slowly after the tone – INSTALLATION RECORDING)
Recording from the opening on Ludlow Street. Check the project page.

IST (Indian Standard Time)
A series of indiosyncratic clocks commissioned by the Lille 3000 festival. Documentation soon... 

Check the DJ mixes section for a recording of the sound for the Turbine Hall Disco Ball Mirror Man, Oleg Kulik. 

2008: il barone rampante, 10-channel site-specific sound installation (a dusk chorus for steel roosts) 

2010: Sound for Isaac Julien's multi-channel sound and video installation Ten Thousand Waves.