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the moving image


The "moving" image, and in particular the evolution of film in the digital or networked age, has been a core theme of ambientTV.NET's productions since its inception. Characteristic of our moving image productions is the blurring of boundaries between linear and hypertextual narrative, directed work and multiple authorship, and post-produced and self-generative pieces. Expanding the idea of the viewing environment is also of importance; recent works have been shown on electronic billboards in public urban spaces and open air cinemas in remote rural places.
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A film made acted out underneath the CCTV network in London, and compiled through the Data Protection Act 2000. Made under the ambientTV.NET's manifesto for CCTV filmmakers.  

a filmic record of how the internet, combined with AM radio, helped unite a people across political borders. Debates from a gathering of the Hani-Akha people in Yunnan, China PR were streamed to their radio station in Thailand and rebroadcast live to the remote mountain villages in Laos and Burma.




bow space

Doris, an senior resident of East London, guides through her neighbourhood-under-gentrification, Bow.