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projects 2000

streaming video of "Expo Destructo"

interviews with the media & net cultures crowd brought together by Expo Destructo, London. Manu (B_studios) ran the blue-or-red video corner, which was streamed live by Gio, James and Harl (backspace)...enjoy!

streaming video of "International Indian Film Awards"

The International Indian Film Awards 2000 take place in London. As part of the behind-the-scenes film team, Manu speaks to Jackie Chan, Kylie Minogue, Sonali, Yukta - Miss World 1999 and many more....

independent media coverage of "Mayday 2000"

photos, videos, interviews produced and distributed during the anti-capitalism protests on mayday 2000 in London

streaming video of "Only Connect: Soil, Soul, Society"

Andrew Marr, Anita Roddick, Thomas Moore, Vandana Shiva, David Whyte, Jane Goodall, Ann Pettifor, Geoff Mulgan, Satish Kumar and Jonathan Porritt speak at the Only Connect Conference, London. Find their complete presentations online here...