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projects 2004

The Spy School

Each exercise scrutinises the public - private borderline of post-9/11 daily life in a climate where the ethic of surveillance is in the ascendancy and the development of its technologies in overdrive.

Video as urban condition

explores the ways in which video has become part of the urban fabric: for the first event of this series, Anthony Auerbach and Manu Luksch co-curated the video-pool and symposium...

England Expects... (Nelson not Nelson)

Public sound art piece for the Ghettoblaster Ensemble in Trafalgar Square (Summer in the Square, May 2004). For 7 ghettoblasters and a megaphone, the piece anticipates Nelson's bicentennial by a year and recalls the less offical history of the square: political gatherings, protests, the bombing during WW2, and the other Nelson speaking from South Africa House.

demo TV

DIY broadband channel by and for local communities

Our Man In Baghdad

weblog by photographer Chris based in Iraq during the American invasion. currently offline.

Movie Stars

30 second silent movie featuring fishy stars by the bucketload!


contemporary dance production for a live locative media environment, shown at the Kiasma Theatre, Helsinki during pixelACHE 2004.

Bow Space

creation of an audio-visual memory map of the fast-changing neighbourhood of Bow, East London


dance performance for a location-aware media environment in collaboration with kondition pluriel

Digital Analogue Soundclash

jam session between sound giants Tuomas Toivonen and Mukul Patel (kiasma Theatre, ISEA 2004)