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projects 2005

The Spy School

Each exercise scrutinises the public - private borderline of post-9/11 daily life in a climate where the ethic of surveillance is in the ascendancy and the development of its technologies in overdrive.

Bombay, Badarpur Border

a suite of interactive installations by Shaina Anand, Mukul Patel and Ashok Sukumaran at the Apeejay Media Gallery, Badarpur Border, New Delhi, India.

(il)legal art?

article looking at various ways intersects with the law, in Low-fi's net-locator (click: Guest Selection Feb 05)

Orchestra of Anxiety

A collection of musical instruments that use materials and technologies from the security and surveillance industries in their construction. -> [watch video documentation ]

Fly Stories

Migration, Movement, Mobility: Road Cinema and Film Workshops in Northern Thailand as part of the Fly With Me project


* Ultrasound 2005 Warm-up * * PixelACHE festival get-together * * Finnish finish(ish) for ambientTV.NET's Manu & Mukul*

kertal at ambientspace

Matthias Kertal of Austrian electronica band mika graced ambientspace during his summer artist-in-residence stay to work on a new release... UPDATE!!! Polman Reisen released!

Hinges On

responsive media installation on the economic grey zones of the ICT sector in and around Bangalore, developed by Manu and Mukul's students at the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, India. later presented at Ars Electronica 2005, Austria.