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The Spy School

Each exercise scrutinises the public-private borderline of post-9/11 daily life in a climate where the ethic of surveillance is in the ascendancy and the development of its technologies in overdrive.
15 - 19 April 2011: Found Data Filmmaking. Blockseminar,  Universität Paderborn.
28 Oct 2010: Vokabular für ein Sicherheits-Theaterstück. Silogespräche, Universität Paderborn.
exercise #8
1 July 2009: UNFOLDABLE TEMPORARY PUBLIC SPACE workshop supported by Para/Site Art Space and Videotage, Hong Kong
exercise #7
July 2008: Mapping CCTV in Whitehall. 


exercise #6
workshop on surveillance technology as art media, Prague (2006)

exercise #5 Who Is Watching The Watchmen? , post-9/11 T-Shirt collection (2004)

exercise #4
2002: 'The Appropriation', a short film based on CCTV footage requested under the Data Protection Act, led to the Manifesto for CCTV Filmmakers (2006) and The FACELESS Project (2002-2007)

exercise #3
May-June 2003: Workshop at the E-Media Centre of the Eesti Kunsti Akadeemia (Tallinn, Estonia)
Students produce 3 movies shot with a wireless mini-CCTV camera and display them on electronic billboards in public space

exercise #2
31 Jan 2003: The Spy School exercise #2 was shown in Hull, as projection in public space and on Kingston cable television, as one of the SPEECHLESS commissions.

exercise #1
20 Nov 2002: At the occasion of VideZone, the first video art biennale in Israel, The Spy School traveled to Tel Aviv to intervene at the opening night party of the Digital Art Lab .

The Spy School exercise #1- a party intervention piece by ambientTV.NET with Manu Luksch, Mukul Patel, Michel Uwemedimo, Gavin Starks and Jaromil.

Manu also conducted interviews with Galit Eilat, Digital Art Lab; Ronni Shendar, Alternative Information Centre; Momo, Indymedia]