Synaesthetic links with a bite

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Italo Calvino; Under The Jaguar Sun (1986) -- Taste, hearing and smell dominate the lives of the characters in these witty, fantastical short stories. [ISBN 0-15-692794-2]. Also passages in Calvino's Mr. Palomar, and elsewhere in his ouvre . . .

David Madsen; Confessions of a Flesh-Eater (1997) -- Diary of a synaesthesian chef that sheds light on the artistic potential of cannibalism.

Georges Perec, Attempt at an Inventory of the Liquid and Solid Foodstuffs Ingurgitated by Me in the Course of the Year Nineteen Hundred and Seventy-Four (originally published in Action Poétique, 1976)

Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, The Physiology of Taste (Or, Meditations on Transcendental Gastronomy) (1825)

Luigi Serafini, Codex Seraphinianus. Seek it out . . . and be transformed

Kuechenradio - Radiokueche, KITCHEN RADIO - RADIO KITCHEN; -- On June 22nd 2003, from midday to midnight, ORF Kunstradio (Vienna) and Juneradio (Berlin) will broadcast a 12-hour-contribution for Juniradio dealing with the topics kitchen, radio, dining, cooking. With: alien productions, Tina Bepperling, Markus Hammer, Marlene Haring, Ursula Hummel, Bernhard Loibner, Stefan Lugbauer, Marianne Maderna, Jrg Piringer, Klaus Taschler, Uli Troyer, Eva Wohlgemuth a.o.

La Grande Bouffe (1973); dir: Marco Ferreri, with Mastroianni, Piccoli, Noiret and Tognazzi. -- A group of people lacking their vision of sense of life decide to commit a pleasant suicide by eating themselves to death. Also worth checking out are: The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (dir: Luis Buñuel); Tampopo (dir: Juzo Itami) – and if you like noodles and trucks, Ermo (Xiaowen Zhou) is a worthy companion to Tampopo; Chocolat (dir: Lasse Hallström); Ai No Corrida (dir: Nagisa Oshima) . . .

LiveForm:Telekinetics; Jeff Mann and Michelle Teran -- The dinner table as physical platform for networked media supports live video streams, tele-robotic talking fish, gourmet cooking, Keystroke media mixing, wine-pouring machines, telematic toasts, party games, and a magic show; linking two dining rooms and thirty dinner guests across the ocean in a mediated mechatronic middle-space for social interaction and game-playing.

The First Viennese Vegetable Orchestra consists exclusively of vegetable-based instruments, although where necessary, additional kitchen utensils such as knives or mixers are employed...

Kinetic Area For Kitchen Art; a website story by Calin Man

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Sam's Webcam Cookbook: many links for On-Demand Media and related topics.