Vitamin AA & Koko di Mari
Vitamin AA, notorious epicure, is alterego of DJ ilovecyndi, the notorious discopunkprankster. And what survives the transmutation from DJ is disco – not jujubes and trifles, but an ambient kind of disco, populated by O-inducing oysters and funky figs and orbs of passion fruit. Helping Vitamin AA throw down the hotplates is Koko di Mari. Koko's work ranges from film and documentary, through multi-media installations and performances, to sushi art events.
She has studied Fine Arts at the Glasgow School of Arts, Duncan of Jordanstone in Scotland, and Tampere School of Art and Media in Finland. She has also worked as a chef at Kaizen Sushi Bar in Montreal, and has created several billions of sushi bites since then.

Lux & Mux vision and sound of ambientTV.NET

Shane Solanki
Working as the Milky Bar Kid, the Chocolate Child, Mr. Shoínuff, and under a host of other cheeky aliases, Shane has been crafting sounds and words for clubs and labels including Anokha and Ninja Tune. Spoken word is his particular forte, and for A/V DINNERS, he will be expressing the flavours of the evening online through verbal flava. Shaneís sensual poetry will add the dimensions of smell and taste for our online participants, through audio and also text titling over the video stream.

Agent Gav provides the stream cocktail mixer and makes sure I.T. keeps flowing. He's just back from having streamed Glastonbury – all of it – so he's looking forward to something a little . . . louder?

Chris Helgren ambient's optimal optoelectronical eye, fresh from travails in Baghdad, where he is undisputed champion of both camera and flyswatter. He will be wearing his flak jacket on the night of AV, in case there are any US soldiers around . . .

Michael U! whirling waiter of the night, trained as an actor at Central School of Speech and Drama. There he decided he would rather read and write books, so went to University. He is near to completing his PhD at the London Consortium (Tate Gallery, Institute of Contemporary Arts, Architecture Association, Birkbeck College, University of London). During this period of research Michael has been lecturing in Film and Theory on graduate and postgraduate courses at University of London, worked freelance on a number of multimedia projects, curated film screenings and organised festivals and conferences, most recently the Jean-Luc Godard retrospective at the National Film Theatre and Possessing Vision at the ICA. Michael has been playing Capoeira for six years and dances a lot.