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Mukul plays with various media, but particularly sound and text, to explore relationships between rule-bound forms (both classical and novel) and chance, between technology and tradition, and between signal/data/music and noise. An interest in the grammars of different media has naturally led to diverse collaborations, and to works utilizing hybrid media. His sound work is informed by OuLiPo, Indian music, and Steve Reich's "gradual process" idea. Another major interest, the spatialisation of sound, has informed site-specific installations around the world.

Mukul has worked extensively with contemporary dance companies and choreographers, (including
Russell Maliphant and the Ballet Boyz) and artist-filmmakers. He is currently (2010) developing a 9-channel piece for Isaac Julien. 

He is a continuing student of the music of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. 


CV  -  S E L E C T E D   R E C E N T   W O R K

music / sound art
*Faceless – music for a science fiction/social faction thriller that exclusively uses surveillance camera footage, by Manu Luksch (UK/A, 2007)
*Transmission music for Russell Maliphant Company (2005)
*harmony music for Saju Hari (Resolutions, London, 2005)
*chain-music — segment for Ryuichi Sakamoto’s online work
*Unknown White Male music for documentary about a man who lost his memory and identity (Spectre Films/FilmFour, 2005)
*foliage chorus — multi-channel sound for dance installation for Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Co., to inaugurate Hendon Artsdepot (November 2004)
*twelvetwentyone music for Lyon Opéra Ballet, chor. Russell Maliphant,  (11ème Biennale de la Danse, Lyon, 2004)
*Virtual Borders soundtrack for a feature length documentary on the Akha people of the Mekong Quadrangle, by Manu Luksch (A/UK/TH 2004)
*Skin music for Vena Ramphal / Vitafilms (2004)
*England Expects — for 7 ghettoblasters and a megaphone, commissioned for Summer in the Square (Trafalgar Square, London, May 2004)
*Diaspora.In.Synchro.City — for 8 ghettoblasters (Århus Festege, Denmark, August 2003)
*Choice music for Russell Maliphant Company (2003)
*Armadillo for your show music for Oleg Kulik (Tate Modern, London, 2003)
*Critics Choice***** music for The Ballet Boyz (choreographed by Akram Khan, London 2003)
*DNAsia sound/video installation for Shobana Jeyasingh (2003)
*Housed multiroom sound and dance installation based on Conrad’s Heart of Darkness for Prised Open (London, 2002)

interdisciplinary work, installations
*Aju J's New Year Feast: In the Year of the Fire Dog — collaboration with Manu Luksch for the Temporary Art Museum Soi Sabai (Thailand, 2006)
*Voluptuously Blinking Eye — collaborative installation by ambientTV.NET for the "Satellite of Love" at the International Film Festival Rotterdam (Witte de With, Rotterdam, from January 2006)
*Orchestra of Anxiety — interactive installation using materials and technologies from the security and surveillance industries (Watermans Arts Centre, London, September–October 2005, currently touring)
*p h o n e m e — installation developed in residence at THE THING (NYC, June 2005)
*hinges on — interactive, multi-channel sound + light installation addressing the formal and informal aspects of the IT economy, developed in collaboration with students at Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology, Bangalore for Ars Electronica (May 2005)
*bombay, badarpur border — suite of interactive pieces for a group show with Ashok Sukumaran and Shaina Anand (APJ Media Gallery, New Delhi, March 2005)
*tryptichon/myriorama — a surround audio-visual environment and narrative structure for a dance piece based on an Italo Calvino short story (London 2003–04 / Helsinki 2004 for Pixelache/ISEA)
*AV DINNERS — live & multi-channel streaming gastronomic event emphasizing the erotic (2003).
*The Spy School — investigating the post 9/11 surveillance society through exercises at Hull Time-Based Arts, UK (2003) and at the Tel Aviv International Video Festival (2002)
*Stealth Waltz — commissioned for Kingdom of Piracy net (Taiwan / Ars Electronica 2002)
*Telejam — series of streaming audio/video “jam sessions” exploring transmission delays and feedback over the internet (since 2001)
*Acoustic Space Lab — investigating the acoustic and musical possibilites of radiotelescopes (Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Centre, Latvia, since 2001)

dj habit
Mukul began DJing in 1989 and found his spiritual home at Anokha, Talvin Singh's seminal London club night (1996–2001). From 1997, he was also involved in an ancillary project, Calcutta Cyber Café – a more laid-back space for classical and experimental performances. Here, he hosted a wide range of guest artists, from Charlie Gillett and Matthew Herbert to the late Muslimgauze, and from Newcastle minimalists zovietfrance to sarod player Sohan Nilkanth.

Mukul continues to forge connections between artists, running projects that unite young and old, traditional and modern (Suvara Afghani remix project with Radio FRO:, or bringing together India's leading electronic musicians for the first time (Midival Punditz and Bandish Projekt, Delhi 2005).

Although he continues to DJ occasionally (in 2005: India, Tunisia, France, Nepal), most of his time is devoted to composition and interdisciplinary work.    

2000-2001 Berkeley Fellowship (University of California)
1989-1992 Natural and Social & Political Sciences (King’s College, Cambridge)