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music projects

Conversation captured by Makrolab from an Inmarsat using the 32m radiotelescope at VIRAC, Latvia, during the first The conversation is ship-to-shore, in Malayalam. My attempt at systems music. A regret – I never dialled the number!

marine drive
Namita and I strolling down Brick Lane with a skipping MD recorder – she wishing Nice was London. London wishing it was Bombay. If Marine Drive were Brick Lane...

blastfarselektah (featuring Ajay Naidu vs. Equal-i)
Two beatboxers and a button-pusher. A little jam with a Line 6 tape echo emulator – thanks to Chandrasonic for the loan!

the theorist
featuring Fahim Amir, for the 10th birthday of Radio FRO 105.0 FM, Linz