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calendar 2009

festival participations & events by ambientTV.NET members, and open access activities at ambient space



6 pm onwards: Presentation of the publication, which elucidates the work of Manu Luksch, Mukul Patel and collaborators as part of the wave of critical art that has emerged alongside the rise of digital networks, including essays by Armin Medosch, Keiko Sei, Siraj Izhar.
And: party to DJ mixes by Mukul, following the Holiday Hackshop, an free all-ages, multi-workshop electronic craft-making fair by eyebeam.



NEW YORK: FACELESS screening @ The City College

2 pm: You are welcome to the screening of the sci-fi feature film produced under the Manifesto for CCTV Filmmakers, at The City College of New York, Room 292, Shepard Hall, 138th St at Convent, follwed by Q & A with the filmmaker.


MONTREAL [CA]: FACELESS @ Université de Montreal

Continue your early morning day dreams over a screening of FACELESS at salle C-1070, with croissants, cafe, and French subtitles ;-).
Centre International de Criminologie Comparé, Pavillon Lionel-Groulx
3150, rue Jean-Brillant; Tél: 514-343-7065


KINGSTON [CA]: FACELESS @ Agnes Etherington Arts Centre

7 pm: screening of FACELESS @ Agnes Etherington Arts Centre, Queen's University


TORONTO [CA]: talk and book presentation by Manu Luksch

2pm @ Room 119, Northrop Frye Hall, Victoria College



8pm - Screening of FACELESS at Cinecycle, 129 Spadina Ave.

21.Nov.09 - 29.Nov.09

BRUSSELS [BE]: 12th Verbindingen/Jonctions festival

The poster section of 12th V/J festival will include MANIFESTO FOR CCTV FILMMAKERS. We also look forward to the launch of the V/J10 book at the occasion of the festival... checkfull programme at festival website


International Screenings "Betting on Shorts"

As part of the Betting on Shorts programme, the short film Mapping CCTV in Whitehall (2008) will be screened simultanously at: Athens, Greece, Mikrokosmos - 9.00pm
Barcelona, Spain @ L'alternativa Film Festival, CCCB Hall - 8.00pm
Bucharest, Romania, The Ark - 9.00pm
London, England, Roxy Bar & Screen - 7.00pm
Maribor, Slovenia, KIBLA - 8.00pm
Naples, Italy, Evaluna - 8.00pm
Novi Sad, Serbia, Radio Café - 8.00pm
Poznan, Poland, Kino Rialto - 8.00pm
Stockholm, Sweden @ Bio Rio - 8.00pm
Thessaloniki, Greece, - 9.00pm
Wiesbaden, Germany @ Exground Film Festival, Kulturpalast - 8.00pm



LONDON: Book Launch Event @ RCA

You are invited to participate in the book launch performance 'Love, Piracy, and the Office of Religious Weblog Expansion', at the Royal College of Art
Kensington Gore, London SW7 2EU Lecture Theatre One, 18:00 to 20:00.


BRUSSELS: Post-Flux 2009

The Post-Flux Mix Media Night is showing the Hors Piste Haiku programme, amongst which "Make it Snow! Make it Snow! Make it Snow!" by Manu Luksch...


INNSBRUCK [AT]: FACELESS at [eye]identities

Vorführung im Leokino, Innsbruck
[eye]identities - ein projekt von kinovi[sie]on; Lecture: Auszüge aus Manifesto for CCTV filmmakers (© gelesen von Linda Quehenberger. Gabi Wild liest aus Ilija Trojanow, Juli Zeh: Angriff auf die Freiheit. Sicherheitswahn, Überwachungsstaat und der Abbau bürgerlicher Rechte. (© 2009 Carl Hanser Verlag, München).


YOKOHAMA [JP]: Limitations Permitted

Limitations Permitted will be on show at CREAM International Festival for Arts and Media Yokohama 2009.

30.Oct.09 - 10.Jan.10

NOTTINGHAM [UK]: No Visible Means of Escape - Contemporary Art, Imprisonment and Surveillance

The Nottingham Castle Museum will show FACELESS by Manu Luksch as part of the exhibition 'No Visible Means of Escape'.


VIENNA [AT]: Love, Piracy, and the Office of Religious Weblog Expansion

You are invited to the upcoming Book Launch Performance based on the publication Ambient Information Systems. 29th Oct, 2009. 19:00 where: Salon für Kunst Buch. Mondscheing. 11, 1070 Wien

VIENNA [AT]: Big Brother Awards at Theater Rabenhof

Big Brother Awards' framing programme includes an interview with Manu Luksch and a screening of Mapping CCTV ...


NÜRNBERG [D]: Perspektive - International Human Rights Film Festival

Screening of the CCTV fairy tale Faceless at the film festival Perspektive, on Saturday, 3 Oct 18.45 and 7 Oct.


NORWICH [UK]: Artist Talk

Artist Talk at Norwich Castle Museum: Manu Luksch will present recent works.

14.Aug.09 - 05.Sep.09


Artists including: Karen Ay, Body & Evans, Stuart Brisley, Edward Burtynsky, Cedric Christie, Ken Currie, Peter Howson, Zarah Hunt, Glenys Johnson, Gerry Judah, Nadav Kander, John Keane, John Kirby, Tim Lewis, Manu Luksch & Mukul Patel, Robert Polidori, Michael Sandle, Paul Sakolsky, Jane Simpson

FLOWERS 82 Kingsland Road London E2 8CP

18.Jul.09 - 04.Oct.09

NORWICH [UK]: No Visible Means of Escape - Contemporary Art, Imprisonment and Surveillance @ Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery

FACELESS by Manu Luksch will be shown at Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery: @ No Visible Means of Escape. Taking its name from Marc Quinn’s sculpture, No Visible Means of Escape (a suspended cast of the artist’s own body), the exhibition looks at control, punishment and surveillance and raises questions about the psychology of imprisonment.

These themes have been widely explored in contemporary art and the works on show are by leading international artists including: Louise Bourgeois, Langlands and Bell, Zbigniew Libera, Carrie Levy, Tim Lee, Manu Luksch and Marc Quinn.
Contemporary Art Norwich (CAN) is a biennial celebration of international contemporary visual art in venues and city centre sites across Norwich.


16.Jul.09 - 17.Jul.09

LONDON: Love, Piracy and the Office of Religious Weblog Expansion at AmbITion, Sadlers Wells

Together with Ali Alizadeh, we will be censoring and distributing books and speaking about the project as part of the 'Do the Arts Speak Digital' symposium (Arts Council / The Guardian). This AmbITion Roadshow is part of the Art Of Digital London, a programme for Arts Council London RFO's and other interested arts organisations in London who want to enhance their digital strategies, use digital tools effectively and share resources.


HONG KONG: Love, Piracy, and the Office of Religious Weblog Expansion

During the residency supported by Para/Site Art Space and Videotage, Manu Luksch will lead a workshop, The Spy School exercise # 8, and give a lecture performance, Love, Piracy, and the Office of Religious Weblog Expansion, about current works and recent publication Ambient Information Systems (Luksch/Patel 2009)

03.Jul.09 - 05.Sep.09

HAMBURG [D]: MASSAGE @ Galerie Caesar & Koba

The art gallery Caesar & Koba exhibits publication/installation AMBIENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS as part of the group show MASSAGE curated by Wiebke Gronemeyer. The performance and workshop 'Love, Piracy, and the Office of Religious Weblog Expansion' in the presence of the artists will take place during the opening on Fri, 3rd July 09, 19:00 - 22:00.


HONG KONG: The Spy School # 8

Manu Luksch will lead a workshop, The Spy School exercise # 8, supported by Para/Site Art Space and Videotage. For updated info and how to particpate, go to Videotage - Website.


LONDON: debate Civil Liberty & Art

Peckham Space is hosting a debate about regulation and surveillance of public space. participants: Peter Bradwell (DEMOS), members of FLIX, Manu Luksch, Neal White.
5th Floor, Peckham Library, Peckham Square, London SE15; 6-7.30pm, free – booking required on 020 7514 2299/ info[at]

21.Jun.09 - 28.Jun.09

LONDON: public display of Limitations Permitted

Limitations Permitted is a new project by Manu Luksch and Neal White in collaboration with FLIX, commissioned by Peckham Space. It will be on display on Peckham Square, London SE15, 10am-6pm daily.

12.Jun.09 - 15.Jun.09


Hors Pistes, the film festival curated by Les cinémas at Centre Pompidou, is travelling to Japan, where a selection of films, including FACELESS, will be shown at the French Institute.

29.May.09 - 28.Jun.19

HONG KONG: FEIGNED INNOCENCE - The other eyes: Intruder - Stalker

The FACELESS Project is part of the group exhibition FEIGNED INNOCENCE, invited by Para/Site Art Space Curatorial Program Exhibition, funded by Hong Kong Jockey Club, supported by Osage Art Foundation in Hong Kong.

30.Apr.09 - 05.May.19


The video programme 'Unreal Asia', curated by Gridthiya Gaweewong & David Teh, will include Manu Luksch's and Mukul Patel's 'Aju J's New Year Feast - In the Year of the Fire Dog'.

21.Apr.09 - 26.Apr.09

DORTMUND / COLOGNE [D]: International Women's Film Festival

What is the exact price of homeland security, of free love, of the liberty to travel at will? How much freedom is possible in a world in which rights and dreams compete with one another? - spotlighting Freedom, the International Women's Film Festival 2009 will show Manu Luksch's film FACELESS.


PARIS [FR]: AIS book launch and screenings @ Centre Pompidou

The publication AMBIENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS is launched during the performance 'Love, Piracy, and the Office of Religious Weblog Expansion' at Beaubourg, Les cinemas. From 20:00 - 22:00, Les cinemas are showing films by Manu Luksch, including Virtual Borders (1999/2004) and The Order (2001/2009).


LONDON: artist in residence Wolfgang Staehle @ E:VENT

E:vent invites you to the first in a series of talks by artists in residence at


96 Teesdale Street, London E2 6PU
presentation and drinks

27.Mar.09 - 24.Apr.09

LEIPZIG [D]: Are the kids alright? @ essential existence gallery

The essential existence gallery LEIPZIG is hosting the exhibition 'Are the kids alright?'. The exhibition critically addresses current policies of control and the regulation of youth behaviour and aims at creating a space which brings together scholarly and artistic perspectives, documentary commentary and aesthetic interventions. Manu Luksch will participate with the film installation 'FACELESS' and 'Manifesto for CCTV Filmmakers'.

27.Mar.09 - 12.Apr.09

02.Mar.09 - 06.Mar.09

POZNAN [PL]: STAND-UP. Art about Human Right @ ZAK Gallery & Centre of Women Personal Development 'Babilad'

The ZAK Gallery will show FACELESS by Manu Luksch as part of the festival STAND-UP. Art about Human Right. STAND-UP is focused on human rights issue by using art as a medium. This project responds to the growing needs for acceptance and respect to diversity, dialog and social reflection. Artists and activists in such unusual "stand-up" express their experiences and subjective opinions in the field of human rights. STAND-UP mobilizes to conscious about rights of every human. This conscious is essential for claiming and respecting for human rights, even by whispering because sum of such whispers can become to be loud cry. STAND-UP is sum of subjective opinions about human rights. Such opinions can give wider picture of present condition of human rights.


LONDON: Reet Aus @

Reet Aus, estonian fashion designer, is exhibiting her collection at London Fashion Week, followed by a reception and show at With thanks to the Estonian Embassy.


AARHUS [DK]: Souveillance: the art of inverse surveillance

Conference at Aarhus University, presented by Digital Urban Living & Digital Aesthetics Research Center, curated by Tatiana Bazzichelli and Lars Bo Løfgreen. With the growing spread of pervasive digital technologies the public urban space has become open for new forms of both observation and surveillance …

Participants: Konrad Becker (AT), Goodiepal (DK), Jakob Jakobsen (DK), Dmytri Kleiner (CA/DE), Leipziger Kamera (DE), Manu Luksch (UK), David Rokeby (CA), Alexei Shulgin (RU), Space Hijackers (UK), Shining (IT), Mare Tralla (EE/UK)

06.Feb.09 - 07.Feb.09

OXFORD [UK]: Dancin' Oxford festival

Dancin’ Oxford Festival 2009 kicks off at Pegasus with a celebratory performance from the award winning Shobana Jeyasigh Dance Company. The company has taken four favourite works and four talented dancers to present a close-up and personal view in The Dancers’ Cut. The show features specially created lighting designs by Michael Mannion, film-making by Manu Luksch and costumes by Ursula Bombshell.Pegasus Theatre 8pm

06.Feb.09 - 26.Apr.09

AARHUS [DK]: ENTER ACTION - Digital Art Now @ ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum

THE ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum will show FACELESS by Manu Luksch as part of the exhibition ENTER ACTION - Digital Art Now.


LONDON: FreqOUT! film showcase

As part of a collaboration with MediaSHED, Manu Luksch co-led workshops at FreqOUT!, Vital Regeneration’s innovative London based community education programme for young people which originated in Westminster.
It explores the artistic and educational potential of wireless technology to engage socially excluded young people living in the 20% most deprived areas of the UK. Some of the latest films and projects will be presented at the English National Opera.


MONTREAL [CA]: book launch 'Fonction/Fiction. L'image utilitaire reconfigurée.'

Function/Fiction examines artistic practices which, by making new use of functional images produced by statistical systems of surveillance, identification, scientific documentation, ultimately give rise to forms of fiction. Whether the medium is photography or one of its various technological extensions, Function/Fiction brings to light this troubling approach to reality, where everything that is visible is first manipulated and filtered by a system for recording data. The present publication, a continuation of the ideas raised by the exhibition presented at Dazibao in January 2008, offers a re-evaluation of the history of the gaze, inviting us to rethink our interaction with an environment that is largely mediatised beforehand.

The publication presents five essays by theorists from Canada and the United States. Some of the questions taken up in these texts include the source of images, the modus operandi of a new kind of document, of what might be seen as a reiteration of the documentary tradition, the reception of systematically recycled and reconfigured images, the influence of an aesthetic of the functional image and the rise of creative processes which upset our narrative or fictional expectations by simulating systems of data recording.

The publication opens with Blake Stimson’s essay The Beauty of Documentary, which goes to the very root of image production to examine how documentary photography carries with it an inherent ambivalence: its utopian promise of rising above a mere index of reality while at the same time preserving part of photography’s utilitarian function of reflecting a world in which knowledge is power.
Clint Burnham, in his essay Postmodern Aesthetics as Obscene Super-ego: Anxieties of Photography, calls into question the very status of photography as a medium able to create fiction. He examines photography’s various functions — as a torture instrument tacitly approved by the state, as kitsch, performance and pornography — in an attempt to determine how, in contemporary artistic practices, photography negotiates its existence.
In his essay Five Tapes, Four Halls, Two Dreams: Vicissitudes of Surveillant Narration in Michael Haneke’s Caché, Thomas Levin presents an in-depth reading of a few key scenes from the film and demonstrates how its references to surveillance techniques — static shots of excessive length — can be the vehicle of unexpected narrative dénouements. Levin examines how narrative is created through these panoptic techniques by creating a sense of expectation in the viewer.
Viva Paci veers the discussion towards the workings of human memory and consciousness in her inquiry into the question of the relation between image and memory as it is played out in the work of Chris Marker. In her essay entitled This Is (Not) the End: Notes on the work of Chris Marker and on the words and images which remain, and return, like memories, Paci attempts to unravel the filmmaker’s strategies and analyses his use of recycled images.

The final text is Charles Stankievech’s essay Cinema Remembers Through Subtraction. Emphasising a limitation of the formal and mechanical aspect of the camera itself, Stankievech demonstrates the need to short-circuit the cinematic device and apparatus in order to create and think about cinema differently.

18.Dec.08 - 29.Jan.09

PRISHTINA [Kosovo]: Surveillance and Discipline in Public Space

The Art Gallery of Kosovo is hosting the exhibition 'Surveillance and Discipline in Public Space'. At this occasion, the 'Cmimi Muslim Mulliqi Prize 2008' was awarded to the artist duo 'Jae Pas'. Manu Luksch participated with the film installtion 'FACELESS' and 'Manifesto for CCTV Filmmakers', translated into Albanian language. Artist presentations: 19.12.2008 11:00 am

14.Nov.08 - 17.Jan.09

AMSTERDAM [NL]: Speaking Out Loud at the Netherlands Media Art Institute

Speaking Out Loud, curated by Susanne Jaschko, advocates a free and creative process of thinking out loud through artworks that enable a playful and surprising experience of language. Featuring works by Christoph Keller, Jaromil, Tim Etchells and Vlatka Horvat, Manu Luksch and Mukul Patel (A NEW AND EXCITING EXPERIENCE), and others.

20.Sep.05 - 24.Sep.09

A night (or two) in Tunisia

Celebrate the opening of the British Council's new building in Tunis
with Mukul on the decks and Tunisia's first flush of video artists,
working with YOUR MUM visuals. Thursday 22nd September.
And if you're left wanting more bass, on Friday 23rd there's a party in the fantastic Carthage Acropolium.