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projects 2002

The Spy School

Each exercise scrutinises the public - private borderline of post-9/11 daily life in a climate where the ethic of surveillance is in the ascendancy and the development of its technologies in overdrive.

Stealth Waltz

Commissioned by Kingdom of Piracy, the piece Stealth Waltz depicts a scenario in which cultural expression, particularly music, is under the control of copyright holders (Mac only)...

Arabian Nights 2002

Read 1001 tales about the tent-warming and New Year's party at ambientspace...


Triple-M (+ Pete & 10¥)'s 24hr birthday party

Free PostSovietRevolution!

Font project by paulkhera

Karaoke Busking

Laptop/harmonica jam session and sound installation to create an acoustic underground train station, as part of White Space Gallery's antifashion exhibition.

The Spy School #1

party-intervention piece using surveillance technology for VideoZone, Tel Aviv.


a platform for emerging musicians, particularly from the Middle-Eastern and South Asian communities, to present their work to the local community and the wider world.

Mediascape in Israel and Palestine

Listen to four positions on the media in Israel and Palestine. [interviews by Manu Luksch, Nov 2002–Jan 2003]

Telejam 04

audio-visual tele-jamming session during the exhibition Castle of Light by Latvian artist Voldemars U.

The flipflop Project

first development stage of the telematic performance of one character, two bodies: the in-venue performer and the roaming performer

Standing up to close scrutiny

photography by Manu Luksch